Cyber Security: A Growing Industry


Growing Demand for Cyber Security: Why?

How many times a day do you scroll through Instagram or check how many likes you got on your latest tweet? Our constant glances down at our phones and social
media show our increasing dependence on technology. With an increase in technological advancements, comes a desperate need for cyber security. Passwords, usernames, face IDs, and even credit card numbers take more effort to protect than simply turning on your privacy settings or downloading an antivirus. Hackers and cybercriminals are always lurking, waiting to steal crucial private information or exploit a weakness. As long we remain dependent on technology, our private information is bound to ever be easier to reach.

The obvious reason for needing better cybersecurity is that hackers are becoming more adept at finding ways to take advantage of vulnerabilities or weak code. Sure, hackers are getting smarter as they continually search for better ways to breach security, but when there is a villain, you look to a hero, and when there is darkness you find the light. When we are faced with cybercriminals, we must look to Information Security Analysts to stop them. They are the ones who are responsible for keeping our data safe and out of reach of anyone who seeks to do harm.

With the dependence on technology and the intelligence of hackers rising, it is imperative that the quality of an Information Security Analyst is top-notch. When playing chess, it is crucial for you to anticipate what your opponent’s moves are before they are played. A similar idea also applies to cyber security, an analyst must already have ideas on where potential cyberattacks could take place and must patch any vulnerabilities before an attack is actually carried out. This skill of developing preventative security codes is something that takes years of practice and real-time experience to hone but is a crucial one for nearly any technology. Clearly, as cybercriminals become more adept, the cybersecurity specialists who combat them will become essential to any business that aims to succeed.

Humans to technology are like a parent’s basement to a 20-year-old – they are inseparable. From financial transactions to socializing with friends, to even ordering online, technology is being used to better the lives of everyone and make everything more convenient. However, this is a double-edged sword – the more activities that are done through a digitized format, the more chances cybercriminals have to gain access to private information. This nightmare for businesses opens a new chapter for Cybersecurity graduates as they experience a new appreciation and an ever-growing demand for their skill sets.

Should you pursue Cybersecurity as a Career?

Yes! If your interests lie along the lines of coding, computer science, or the IT community as a whole, cyber security is definitely something to consider. An article written by Tulane University mentions that the “Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 28% increase in the demand for Information Security Analysts between 2016 and 2026”—that’s an increase of 28,500 jobs! The pay isn’t too shabby either: the median salary was over $98,000 in 2018, nearly double the average in the US. These numbers will only continue increasing with more technological innovations and greater dependence on technology. We can expect the field of Cybersecurity to have a brilliant future.


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