Crest Quarantine


I am sure everyone is aware of the global pandemic known as COVID-19, based on current knowledge the virus originated in late 2019 due to someone unexpectedly becoming infected with the virus from an animal at the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan. Nations worldwide have been greatly impacted by this outbreak and have been forced to close their borders, ports, and non-essential facilities. Most places advise their inhabitants to stay under quarantine to prevent any further spread of the virus. In this article, we’ve interviewed our very own students at Crest to see how they’re handling quarantine.

Thirty students at Strawberry Crest High School were randomly selected to participate in a survey questioning their overall quarantine experience. Participants were first asked to rate their quarantine experience from 1-10. (One being the worst experience and Ten being the best experience) A staggering 80% of participants rated their experience 6 or above. When asked why participants responded with various responses the most notable being “I can sleep in every day and I can focus on my very promising TikTok Career” – Alejandra Nunez. Whereas, others have their priorities in check “having extra time to make videos and watch movies I haven’t time to watch before” -Luke Broding. It would also appear as though quarantine has had certain side effects on people as well “I have become a creature of the night and slumber only during the day, bedtime is at 7 a.m. and the day beings at 5 p.m.” -Anonymous. Most students have taken advantage of this Quarantine to catch up on some well-deserved sleep and have even stated “this is just summer break part one” – Anonymous

Although most students have reported their appreciation for more sleep, they have also stated the many drawbacks that come with quarantine. “I hate being unable to spend quality time with my friends, sometimes staying home can drive me insane”-Monet Ambracio others have stated that “I wish I hugged the homies a little tighter” -Quintin Moore. Where some may be concerned about hanging out with friends and being isolated one person has other things in mind “I hate not being able to eat Tijuana Flats” -Anonymous. Participants were asked to describe one thing they’d change about their quarantine experience. The most prominent answer being “I’d enjoy quarantine more if I could spend it with my friends” -Tyler Thaden and “not being at home, I’m so sick of my parents and I’ve rewatched big mouth three times already” -Tara Campos. Quarantine has restricted the students of Strawberry Crest from physically interacting with one another but hasn’t been able to keep them from interacting with one another online. There are numerous reports of students using Games such as Minecraft and Roblox to interact with one another as well as apps such as Netflix party which enable groups of friends to watch movies and shows on Netflix at the same time. “I’ve FaceTimed the same 3 people eight times this week” -Anonymous. It is reassuring to hear that our fellow chargers are staying connected.

Moreover, participants were asked to describe their daily quarantine routine. “Homework, Netflix, and bike rides -anonymous. Others have said “I started exercising every day, drinking lots of water, and eating fewer calories in a day! I’ve also played Minecraft and watched Netflix and TikTok like every day for hours at a time” -Zawadi N. Some our students are bettering themselves and are trying to glow up before we return to school “working out” -Jaden D. Among everyone’s daily schedule we have school. When asked how stressful school was during quarantine, opinions were divided among students as some believe “the teachers have been doing a great job adapting to the situation and providing schoolwork necessary for our quarter grades” -Anonymous. Others believe “teachers have assigned far too much work have complete disregard for my mental health” -Anonymous. However, it should be noted that these students have different schedules and teachers than one another, therefore, the workload is different depending on each student. Furthermore, most students seem to appreciate the fact their teachers have made the transition from physical school to virtual school very smooth. “I think the problem most students face with school is more psychological than physical. At least, in my opinion, my teachers aren’t assigning as much work and it’s manageable, it’s how you approach the workload”.

Ultimately, our students here at Crest our handling the Quarantine remarkably well. They’ve managed to remain in contact with one another and most importantly maintain positive vibes.