Chargerthon: Breaking Records Again!


Strawberry Crest’s Chargerthon is a part of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon. This non-profit organization raises money and awareness for more than 170 pediatric hospitals across North America. It started at Indiana University in 1991 in memory of Ryan White, who died of HIV/AIDS. He became the face for those with AIDs by advocating for HIV/AIDS education and wanted to stop discrimination against those with the disease. He died in 1990, a few months before he was going to attend Indiana University. His friend Jill Stewart started the Dance Marathon as a way to honor him by raising money for pediatric care. The marathon was a huge success, raising nearly $11,000. Since then, dance marathons have spread across the US and Canada, raising over $300 million. All dance marathons are student-run and 100% of the funds raised go straight to Children’s hospitals across the country.

Chargerthon started in 2015 with 8 teams and over 100 participants. They raised over $3,300 in their first year with their 6-hour dance marathon. Since then, the event has grown drastically, including a largely increased student participation each year and breaking goals left and right. The Crest’s dance marathon raises money for John Hopkins Children’s hospital to help pay for medical bills and tutors to come in and help students keep up on their studies while in the hospital. The executive board works diligently throughout the year to plan such a major event. They start fundraising as early as possible by communicating with local businesses for support. They also try to recruit as many dancers as possible early on so they can have as much support as possible. The Co-Presidents for Chargerthon 2021, Luke Broding and Nico Bambach, emphasized the importance of communication and early support for the organization to make the event successful. They also explained how the executive board must stay on top of all their responsibilities and manage their time between all the tasks they must complete.

After participating in Chargerthon their freshman year, Luke and Nico applied for the executive board because they wanted to have a bigger role in the organization. Luke explained his experience with Chargerthon as “One of the best parts of my high school experience”. He also said that the executive board is like a family and become closer as time goes by because of how much time they work together, through the highs and lows. Both gentlemen stated that the total reveal this year was one of their favorite memories from Chargerthon so far. They also said they enjoyed the Color run fundraiser, new to Chargerthon this year.

Under the presidency of Jesna John and Meghana Yarlagadda and their 19-member executive board, they raised over $40,000, beating last year’s record of $32,500. Luke and Nico said they were both shocked and ecstatic to see the total they raised. The 2021 presidents have stated that while they do not have a goal as of yet for next year, they plan to beat this year’s total with their 23-member board.

Want to join this meaningful and fulfilling organization? Nico says that we should remember the cause because it keeps you motivated to push forward and do your best. You should also have fun with what you are doing because this is the goal of the marathon. Participating in Chargerthon can make everlasting memories that you will look back on later and smile on.

Everything we do is….

For the Kids!