One Step at a Time: United Relief


As the years have flown by, we reflect on our personal growth since the emergence of our high school careers. One of our most influential experiences was when we decided to join a charity based club–United Relief.

   By immersing ourselves in our community and truly surrounding ourselves with people who are dedicated to bettering society, we learn how the world works along the process. Facing the complications that the world encounters on an every-day basis, we gain a unique sense of purpose by serving those around us from the desire that ignites from within leading us to partake in the recently established club, United Relief, a charity based club focused on raising awareness and taking action for various global issues, especially around our local community. 

   From raising money for kids with cancer to packaging food for the homeless, we strive to give back to our society with love and compassion. Last year, we raised more than $1,000 dollars, with the participation of 90 student members from Strawberry Crest High School, from a basketball tournament that we held at a local park which sparked our interest in taking an initiative to continue contributing to society and creating a larger imprint upon the world.  The proceeds were donated to Metropolitan Ministries, a local donor and volunteer-fueled nonprofit organization, set on helping those at risk around Tampa Bay. As our club gained more recognition for our event, we engaged in multiple local activities, like Play for a cure, supported by the Jensen’s Heart of Gold Foundation, focused on raising awareness and funds to afford those families with a child with cancer the opportunity to make memories with their child. Through these events and different fundraising occasions at school, we raised $560 in total, leaving us with our goal of $1,500 exceeded. With all of the immense support, we hope to expand our club and achieve higher goals in the future. 

   As we embraced this colossal responsibility, we learned to overcome the hurdles of daunting tasks such as developing a structure to ensure continuity over the years, establishing objectives and goals to meet, constructing detailed projects to fundraise money, exercising accountability for financial aid, and assembling members while maintaining communication as we develop fruitful relationships through strong leadership and guidance. Even with struggles, we still managed to maintain a healthy and successful club, where people could enjoy themselves while making their mark on the world. We pride ourselves in knowing that we made a significant contribution in our community somewhere, with hopes to inspire you to make a difference in your own. Whether it be volunteering at your local food shelter, donating to a nonprofit, or even starting your own charity organization–

Join us in taking strides to improve our world one step at a time. 

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