The Greatest Show

The Greatest Show

Every year the crest hosts a talent show to show off the amazing abilities Strawberry Crest students have. This year, taking place in early March, they did not disappoint with what they brought to the stage. In order to participate, students must audition about 2 weeks before the show to qualify for the main showcase. There were nearly 15 groups chosen to perform with their vastly differing acts. As Tara Campos stated, “We have some major talent at our school so it’s an awesome experience to stand alongside them onstage”. The acts that get the highest scores from the judges are awarded a trophy for their performances. This year, the four awards given out were: 

Best of Show: Bryant Lazare, grade 12

Best variety: Austin Whitley, grade 12

Best Vocal: Kellie Anne Kirkland, grade 11

Best instrumental: Jordan Rhymer, grade 12 IB

To open the show, Prestige performed The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman to set the tone for the rest of the night. Kellie Anne Kirkland sang “When I was your man” by Bruno Mars and stole the show with her gorgeous voice. Jordan Rhymer shocked the audience by singing and playing the piano for his original song called “Iridocyclitis”. His song is based on his experiences with romance in which he overthought or was blinded by infatuation in his attempts to fall in love. Another performer, Amani Clark, sang, rapped, and danced to the song “You don’t own me” by Saygrace ft. G-Eazy.  Other acts included singing, dancing, yo-yo tricks, magic, cheerleading stunts, and people playing the guitar and piano. 

Generally, the participants stated that they focused on their acts and added their own style to the performance to prepare for their time on stage. Being comfortable with your act is key to limit the chances of forgetting your act on stage. Jordan Rhymer stated that he felt comfortable going in because he was performing an original song and he has a great memory for lyrics. Tara also stated that even though she has performed in the talent show since freshman year, including winning best voice and instrumental in 2018, she still gets nervous on performance night. 

One of the most memorable parts of talent show this year for Jordan was that his IB family came to cheer him and his fellow classmate, Angelina Thomas, on. Seeing your friends out in the audience supporting you can make the moment even more special. He also said that “Everyone poured out their hearts into their performances and we put on a great show of talent, vivifying yet another aspect of the outstanding charger population”. If you ever have any doubt about what our students can do, the talent show can show you how amazing the Crest’s students are. 

Want to show your friends and family your talents? Tara says to go for it. While performing in front of many may seem intimidating, it could help you step out of your comfort zone and become more confident in your skills. Plus, you never know who is watching, you could inspire another to step out of their comfort zones or possibly make new friends. If performing is not your thing, Amani suggests coming to watch because she doesn’t think people know how talented those around us are and everyone should experience their talents in action.