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The Crest Critique is the student-run newspaper of Strawberry Crest High School located in Dover, Florida. Our club produces, publishes, and manages this website with the guidance of our teachers and administrators. We strive to publish every week.

On top of acting as a school publication by producing school news, featured students and their accomplishments, sports events, politics, and global issues, we seek to differentiate ourselves by educating others in a non-traditional perspective.

We recognize that not all career options are taught at school and those that are don’t mention the nuances and day in the life stories of workers in the field. To combat this, we interview professionals in a variety of sectors from start-up founders to presidents of world renown companies who give tips to success based on their past experiences while also addressing what their job entails.

Secondly, we realize that the STEM field is the most rapidly changing sector to this day and it would be unfeasible for schools to incorporate new inventions into their curriculum every day. On top of this, most papers in STEM contain jargon, making learning about groundbreaking topics difficult. Since STEM will only become more and more nuanced in the coming decades, we have dedicated a section of our publication to STEM which discusses the forefront of information and data in laymen’s terms.

Overall, we aspire to educate our readers with trustworthy and eye-opening articles while maintaining integrity and balance. Thank you for your support and your time.

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About Us