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Varun Patel
Varun Patel is a sophomore in the IB program here at Strawberry Crest High School. Varun's favorite class is Math because of its high emphasis on logic and numbers. Varun enjoys participating in a variety of school clubs like HOSA, FBLA, Speech and Debate, and MUN. As the FBLA District 8 officer, Varun understands the components of leadership. He also understands the hard work one should put in, as he has competed internationally in MUN events discussing complex, global topics like education, human rights, and many others. Outside of school, Varun enjoys playing tennis, rock climbing, and coding. His current project is to use historical weather data to train a bot to predict the future implications of climate change.

Varun Patel, Staff Writer

Apr 30, 2020
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Apr 17, 2020
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Varun Patel